Reduce Text Message SPAM

One of the things that bugs me to no end is SPAM text messages. I am constantly Deleting them off my iPhone and iPad. These spammers are persistent if nothing else. If you find text message SPAM annoying, there is a way to reduce some of it. Here is how that is accomplished.

Messages SPAM

In your iOS device go into the Settings area, scroll down and tap on Messages:

Once in this area scroll down and tap on “Unknown & SPAM”:

Now all you have to do is toggle the Filter Unknown Senders slider to on:

And your Messages App window should look something like this:

When a potential SPAM message arrives it is indicated:

You need to tap into “Unknown Senders” and check out the message:

If you suspect SPAM, just tap into the message:

Then Tap on “Report Junk”:

Tap on “Delete and Report Junk”:

Once you do that the message is Deleted and reported to Apple as SPAM:


That may seem a bit convoluted, but it will pay big dividends in a reduction of future SPAM texts. It is not too difficult once you get it all setup.