Remove iOS Apple ID Payment Info

Recently, I had to change my Apple ID payment credit card because my current card was hacked. It takes a few steps to do this, but it is not a big deal. Some people have more than one card setup in their iOS Device. If you need to remove a current payment method from your Apple ID, then read on for the steps on how to do this.

Remove Credit Card

To remove a credit card from your Apple ID go into “Settings” and Tap on your Apple ID account name at the top of the window:

In the next screen Tap on “Payment & Shipping”:

Your Apple ID payment methods will be listed in the next window:

Now, just tap on the credit card you wish to remove. You will see this window:

Tap on “Remove” and you will get this confirmation drop down:

Your card will then be removed:

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here. To get into this Payment & Shipping area you have to authenticate, either with Face ID or manually. Also, if you try to Delete a credit card and it does not work, it is because you have a subscription attached to that credit card. You need to cancel that subscription and then you will be able to remove the card.


Removing an Apple ID payment card is fairly easy. You would use a similar process to add a payment card.