Removing Devices From Your Apple ID

Over the years I seem to accumulate Devices on my Apple ID. I guess I just forget to remove a device once I have upgraded it with a new version. Over time, these devices accumulate on my Apple ID to the extent that I don’t know which ones are my current devices. It is a good idea to go through your Apple ID Devices and remove ones you no longer possess or use. There are several ways to do that, here is how it works.

On MacOS

To remove a device using your Mac go into System Preferences and click on your Apple ID:

You will see the devices connected to your Apple ID if you scroll down in the left column of this window:

Before you start Deleting devices, make sure they should be Deleted. Then, click on the device to select it:

In this case I have selected Tech’s iMac MacBook Air 13”. 1Once you select the device, click on “Remove from Account” and you will see this warning drop down:

When you click “Remove” the item will be gone. You may be asked to supply your Apple ID password here.

Keep in mind here, this does NOT erase the device. If you still have the device you should erase it first if you are moving the device on to another person.

On iOS

You can also remove a device using your iOS device. Go into Settings and Tap on your Account Name:

Once in this area scroll down to your devices:

Tap on the device you wish to remove, you will be taken to this screen:

When you tap on Remove from Account you will receive this warning:

Tap on Remove and the device is gone.


It is a good idea to check your devices from time to time to clean out any old items. This will help to avoid any confusion in the future.

  1. I do tech support on other people’s computers so they end up in this list occasionally.