I am always on the lookout for a helpful Mac Utility App for monitoring and/or troubleshooting things in the macOS. I used Disk Sensei Cindori Software for a few years. It was a useful App. Disk Sensei has been upgraded to the Sensei App. It really is new and improved. It is a very full featured App. I want to provide an overview of some of its features.

Sensei App

The new Sensei App pretty much tries to be the all-in-one, go-to Mac Utility App. They have improved many of its original Disk Sensei features and added new capabilities. When you first open the App you are taken to this window which is called the Dashboard:

This is an overview of the main parts of your Mac. It lists RAM, Hard Drives, CPU and other information about your system.

So, lets go down the list of processes in the left Sidebar. The first one is Optimize:

I am not going into each of these functions in detail, but they are similar to other Mac utilities. You can remove some Login Items and Launch Agents. This is a nice way to cleanup your Mac a bit.

The next feature of Sensei is Uninstaller:

This is pretty standard stuff for a Mac utility App. You can use this area to Uninstall Apps and Remove Hidden Files. If you are going to use Sensei as your main Mac utility, then it is nice to have this function of uninstalling Apps. I have not had to remove Hidden Files too much over the years.

The next section is Clean:

I have not used this too much, but because one of the more prominent things you do with an App like this is Clean, I wanted to show you what this section looks like:

It really looks pretty thorough, but be careful what you clean up in here.

The next section is Trim:

Now, if you have a newer Mac then the Trim Function is already activated for your SSD drive in the system. However, if you are using an older Mac with an older Mac OS and running a SSD, then Trim may not be enabled. In that case you could use the Trim Function of this App to active Trim on the SSD drive.

The next section if Storage:

If you click on one of your Storage drives you are provided with technical information:

You can click on Benchmark or Health and get more detailed information on your Mac.

The Graphics section is kind of self-explanatory. But, the last section of Cooling might be helpful:

Sometimes Macs do have cooling issues. You can troubleshoot cooling issues and keep an eye on your system temps in this section.

I have only provided an overview of the main functions of the new Sensei App. It really is quite thorough, you could definitely maintain your Mac well with this App. You can buy a one year license for $29 or a lifetime license for $59. Or, if you are upgrading from the older Disk Sensei App you can get the upgrade to Sensei for $14 or $29 respectively. If you intend to use Sensei as your go-to Mac Utility App, then I think the price is worth it. Sensei is very nicely supported and seems to work quite well.


The Sensei Utility App is a very thorough Mac App. It works well and would be a good Utility for you if you are not already using another App.