The Apple Pencil

I finally broke down and got a First Generation Apple Pencil for my iPad Pro 10.5. There is a bit of a learning curve for an Apple Pencil, but it sure is fun to use. Right now I am primarily using it in LiquidText which is a note taking App on the iPad. I just wanted to show you some unboxing of the Pencil which includes Apple’s precise way of doing things.

The Pencil

Here is how the Apple Pencil arrives:

The packaging is perfect, not too much, but just what is needed for this product.

The Apple Pencil comes with some accessories:

There is an extra tip for the pencil and a charging connector. The Pencil can be charged in two ways. The top of the Pencil slides off which reveals its Lightning Connector. You can plug it into your iPad Lightening Connector which allows you to Pair the Pencil with Bluetooth on your iPad. It also charges the Pencil at the same time. You can also use that little adapter in the above photo. You take off the top of the Pencil, slip on the Lightening Adapter and then plug another USB to Lightening cable into the other end of the Adapter. The USB cable is plugged into your Mac or USB Hub. Here is how that connects:

It is really easy to plug all that stuff in and charge the Pencil.

But, you might be saying, how do you know whether or not the Pencil needs charging? The only way to determine the charge on the Pencil (at least on the first generation Pencil) is to plug it into the Lightening Port on your iPad. From the Home iPad Window swipe from Left to Right to get into the Today view:

Then scroll to the bottom of that window to the Batteries section. You can see what the charge is on your Apple Pencil.

I have one caveat here. The First Generation Apple Pencil only works on certain older iPads. And, the newer Second Generation Apple Pencil only works on certain newer iPads. If you decide to get an Apple Pencil, make sure you are getting the correct Generation for your particular iPad.


As I said, there is a bit of a learning curve to see what the Pencil can do. I am having tons of fun playing with it on my iPad.