Catalina Head Pointer Accessibility

macOS Catalina 10.15.4 has the usual bug fixes and the like. But, it does have one new feature that I thought was interesting. It is called the Head Pointer feature located in System Preferences / Accessibility. The macOS has some great Accessibility features, it has all other operating system beat hands down in this area. The Head Pointer feature is just one of many. I wanted to show you how this works.

Head Pointer

To activate the Head Pointer feature go into System Preferences and click on the Accessibility Pane. Then scroll down and click on Pointer Control:

Click on Alternate Control Methods and you will see this window:

Then, click on “Enable head pointer”. What happens next is the camera is activated on your Mac which somehow follows your head around. Then it translates that movement to the Mouse Pointer. You can move the Mouse Cursor with your head. Here is what that looks like:

It feels really weird at first, but it is also pretty amazing. If you really needed this capability, I think it might come in very handy as an Accessibility feature.


What will Apple think of next? Apple goes the extra mile to make their computers accessible to almost everyone.