Catalina Safari Slow Startup

I am fairly pleased with the latest 10.15.4 update to macOS Catalina. All seems to work well except for the Safari web browser. Oh, the browser works, it just has gotten to the place of taking 3-4 bounces before it finally starts up. I don’t know about you, but I like Apps to startup quickly. I know this is kind of knit picky, but that is just me. I did some research on this and discovered what the problem is.

Safari Startup

No, the world is not going to end if Safari takes 3-4 bounces or more to startup. However, in the past it has started up in about 1½ bounces. That is fairly quick and acceptable in my Mac computing experience. I did some research on this and discovered that the “Extensions” in Safari were causing it to bootup slowly. To test this you have to have the “Develop” menu activated. You do that in the “Advanced Tab” in Safari Preferences:

Once that is activated click on it in the Safari Menu area and select “Disable Extensions”:

This is what you are disabling:

If you look in your Safari Toolbar area, you will see your Extensions have disappeared. Now quit and Restart Safari. If your experience is like mine, your Safari will startup much more quickly. My Safari now starts up in about ½ bounce. For the totally speed obsessed, that is fantastic!

I want to mention one more thing. I tried disabling one Extension at a time thinking maybe it was just one Extension that was causing the problem, but no joy. Even with all the Extensions removed manually, the problem still occurred. The bottom line is when you choose “Disable Extensions” from the “Develop Menu” you seem to disable the Extensions functionality within Safari. That causes the slowdowns, not just the Extensions themselves.


OK, if you are not speed obsessed like the rest of us, then don’t worry about any of this. But, if you want things to be snappy, then you might try this procedure. The thing is, I really need some of those Extensions so in the end I have turned them back on. Hopefully, future versions of Safari will fix this problem.