Changing Screenshot Locations

I don’t know about you, but I take a ton of screenshots for the Macessence blog and other purposes as well. Even people that do not run a blog still take screenshots from time to time. The Default location for screenshots to land in Catalina is the Desktop. However, if you would like to change that location to the Pictures Folder or some other place that works for you, it can be done. Here are a few ways to do this.

Screenshot Locations

The easiest way to change the landing location of your screenshots is to use a third party Mac Utility App. I run several of them, most of them have a way to change the screenshot location. Here is how this is done in the free (donationware) Onyx Utility:

Onyx Parameters

Click on the Parameters Tab and then General. You can click on the Select button to choose a new Path for your screenshots to land. You can also create a new name for your screenshots while you are in there.

If you happen to be using the excellent Cocktail Mac Utility App, just click on the Interface Tab:

Cocktail Screenshot

Then click on the General Tab and make your screenshot adjustments in the window. Click on the Choose button at the bottom of the window to change your location.

If you happen to use the MacPilot Utility App, then click on the Applications Tab in the Toolbar. Next, click on the Grab (screenshot) App which will display this window:


The Destination is set to Default which is the Catalina Desktop. If you click on that drop down you can Choose a different location for your screenshots.

The bottomline is most third party Mac Utility Apps have a way to change the location for your screenshots.

One more thing before I leave. If you do not have or use any third party Mac Utility Apps, then you can make this change using the Terminal Ap. This article explains how to do it. Using the Terminal to do this is a bit convoluted, but it does work.


I suppose this might be considered a minor issue, but as far as I am concerned we may as well customize our Macs to our own workflow. That is what having a Mac is all about.