Photo Rotation In Photos App

If you are like and most other Mac people, you use the Photos App in the macOS to manage your photo collection. People complain about the Photos App, but it really does have some nice features for manipulating images. One of the more basic features of Photos is the ability to Rotate a photo any way you choose. This is a simple procedure, but I end up using it fairly frequently. For some reason I guess I don’t hold my iPhone correctly when I take some photos and it comes into the Photos App as a Portrait form factor when it should be Landscape or it comes in Landscape when it should be Portrait. Using the Rotate feature is easy this is how it works.

Rotate Photos

You can Rotate a photo while in the main “All Photos” window by just selecting it and clicking on the Rotate icon in the Photos App Toolbar:

Multiple Image Mode

You do not need to be in “Single Image Mode” to rotate a photo. In the main window “Multiple Image Mode” you can select several photos and rotate them all at once. This is pretty handy and a quick way to go.

However, I do most of my rotating by double-clicking on the image which enters“ Single Image Mode”:

Single Image Mode

In here, all you have to do is click on the Rotate button in the Toolbar and your image will be rotated counter clockwise:

Counter Clockwise

You can keep clicking the Rotate Button until the image is the way you want it. 

There is one more little trick you can use in rotating your images. If you hold down the Option ⌥ Key, the Rotate Button switches to a clockwise orientation:

Clockwise Orientation

This is handy if all you need to do is one rotation clockwise for the image fix.


You can do image rotation inside the actual Editing area as well, but if all you need to do is rotate an image, then the above method is quick and easy.