Remapping iPad Modifier Keys

The new iPadOS 13.4 includes some nice new features. One of them is the ability to Remap the iPadOS Modifier Keys. The more I use the iPadOS, the more I need the keyboard to act like a Mac keyboard. One Mac keyboard feature I miss on the iPad is the Escape Key ␛. I don’t use the Escape Key a lot, but not having it just makes things awkward at times. If you would like to Remap certain keys on iPadOS, then read on for the steps needed to do that.

Remap Modifier Keys

You Remap keys on your iPad (running iPadOS 13.4) in the General Settings area and Tap on Keyboard:

Settings Keyboard

Next, Tap on Hardware Keyboard:

Hardware Keyboard

You will be taken to this screen. Tap on Modifier Keys:

Modifier Keys

You will be on a screen listing the Modifier Keys available for Remapping:

Remapping Keys

In this case, I am going to Remap the Caps Lock Key ⇧ to be the Escape Key:

Escape Key

I rarely use the Caps Lock Key, but I do use the Escape Key from time to time.


So now I have the Escape Key on my iPad keyboard. I just have to remember it is there!