Service Station

I am always on the lookout for any kind of Utility App to extend and/or make the macOS Finder more effective. The Finder has been vastly improved over the years, but there is always room for improvement. In keeping with that kind of thinking, I have started using a neat little Finder Extension App called Service Station. No, it does not track gas prices, it extends your macOS Finder Right-Click Menu in several different ways. Here is how it works.

Finder Extensions

Not many people are aware that the current macOS can be extended. Here is a list of a few Extensions on my system as found in the CleanMyMac App:

Mac Extensions

As you can see Safari has Extensions as wells as several other areas of the operating system. One area of the macOS that is extendable is the Finder. There are only a few Apps that I know of that extend the Mac Finder. One of those is the HoudahSpot search App. I am sure there are a few others, but not many. Along comes a really cool Finder Extension called Service Station. Here is how it works.

Service Station

The Service Station App is obtainable in the Mac App Store. Primarily, it allows you to personalize what appears in your Right-Click menu. You can setup which Apps appear in your Right-Click menu. This includes running Scripts in the Finder as well. When you first open Service Station you are presented with this request:

Service Start

When you click on Manage Extensions, you are taken to this menu:

Activate Extension

You have to activate the Extension. Once that is done the App opens to the main window:


You have the “Rules” in the left column and the “Menu Items” for each Rule in the right column. In the above example, I removed Pixelmator and added GraphicConverter. Those Apps in the Menu Item is what I typically use for images. You can subtract and add Apps to your hearts content. The “Open With” menu is still there when you Right-Click if you wish to use it. However, the Apps you have setup in Service Station for that particular item (images for example) appear in the initial drop down menu right below the Open With menu:

Service Station Menu

These are my Apps setup for Images. Now, you can still click on the Open With menu above it and have to scroll through your myriad of Apps for images:

Open With Menu

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a killer App. It is going to save me a great deal of time. Here is another example from my typical workflow. I interact with Word Docs from time to time. I do not have Word on my Mac. I have several Apps that can open Word Docs. I usually open Word Docs in Pages, but if I want a little more sophistication I may open them in Nisus Writer Pro:

Word Docs

The Word Docs Rule was not present when I installed the App. I created the Word Docs Rule:

Word Rule

Then I added Pages and Nisus Writer Pro to the Word Docs Menu. When I Right-Click on a Word Doc I get this Service Station Menu:

Word Menu Items

As far as I am concerned, this is super helpful in the way I use the Right-Click menu. I don’t have any Scripts yet, but I can add some later. The best way to do this is to add a few Apps into one of the Rules (or make your own rule) and test it out. Then you can create more complicated stuff with Scripts and other things. Setting up a Rule has a lot to offer:

Menu Options

There are all kinds of options. You can create some very powerful Rules if you wish.

There is one downside to this little App:


That is the price for the Premium version. $14.99 is a little pricey for a Mac App Store App. Here is how it works is you don’t pay for Premium:

The app is free to download on the Mac App Store and use with four rules and three contextual menu items. A $14.99 In-App Purchase unlocks unlimited rules and menu items and removes Service Station as one of the default menu items.

I think it is worth the Premium price because I will use it a lot. However, if it is not something you would use quite a bit, then you may not wish to pay that price. I have not covered all that this App can do, but I think you can see its potential.


I always welcome good Apps that can add to my workflow efficiency. Service Station is a keeper, I will be using it going forward.