The Email Mess

I have several websites at an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Some of those websites have an Email account setup through the ISP. These accounts don’t get a lot of Email, but I do need these websites to have Email capability. The bulk of my Email comes through my iCloud account. This ISP Email setup has worked fairly well until recently. These ISP Email accounts started crashing my accounts and I have gradually gotten more Spam from them. So, I took steps to remedy this situation. You can do this too.

ISP Email

Internet Service Providers provide Email capability to their customers because it is expected of them. However, the Email is not that reliable and can bring in a great deal of Spam. ISP’s don’t do a good job of filtering Spam, they just do enough to get by. Plus, my ISP Email accounts started crashing my websites for some reason. It just was not worth it to continue with them, too much grief. So, it is a really good idea to think about moving your Email to more reliable and safer places. There are probably different ways to do this, but here is what I have done.

iCloud Aliases

First, I took a look at my iCloud account. You can have 3 Alias Emails on your iCloud account. So, I took two Email accounts that get the least traffic and changed them into iCloud Aliases. Here is what that looks like in my Airmail Email App:

Most Email Apps have an Alias capability. Obviously, you have to go into your iCloud account in Safari to setup the Aliases. Just login to iCloud, open the Mail App, click on the little gear symbol in the bottom left corner of the window and then on Preferences. Click on your Accounts Tab and you will see where you can make Aliases. Once they are created, set them up in your Email program of choice. Here is an article on how to setup Aliases if you need more help with this.

There are three things to do after changing these Emails. First, test the new Email address to make sure it works properly. Second, change out your old Email address for these new ones if you have them as links on websites or wherever. Third, go into your ISP C-Panel area and Delete the old, original Email addresses. You could wait a few days before Deleting, whatever works for your workflow. This is a bit involved, but worth it in the long run. Apple iCloud Email has great Spam filtering. This should reduce your Spam somewhat.


There are several third party Email providers. They usually cost money, but you do get reliability and good Spam filtering. However, Google’s Gmail is free and has been around for a long time. They have good Spam filtering and are very reliable. Most Email Apps will have a setup for Gmail. I am not a big fan of Google, I think they violate our privacy, but I decided to go with a few Gmail accounts to help fix my Email problem.

To do Gmail you have to signup through the Google website. Once you have created an account you have to enter it into your Email App. When you go to create a Gmail account in your Email App it takes you to your account online and authorizes your Email App to use Gmail. This is a bit convoluted, but just follow the screens to complete this process. By the way, Google is going to try to get you to use their whole Suite including Calendar and Contacts. You can opt out of this and just use the Email like I did. Here is what Airmail looks like when I Add a Gmail account:

I added three Gmail accounts. You have to create a separate account for each Email:

I blocked out the Email addresses for obvious reasons. Although Gmail offers some type of Aliasing, I did not look into that preferring to have three separate accounts.

So, what I have is two regular iCloud Email accounts. I have two Alias accounts on my main iCloud account. Then, I also have three Gmail accounts. Yes, it is a bit involved to do this, but it is short term pain for long term gain. If you only had a couple of Email accounts to move, it would be pretty painless.

Remember that after you create these Gmail accounts and test them to remove your old, original Email from your ISP.

Along the lines of reducing Spam and moving your accounts from an ISP to iCloud and Gmail, I am linking to this excellent video. Gary demonstrates why most of our Spam efforts are not effective and ends up recommending solutions, some of which I have mentioned above.


If you are using ISP Email, you might consider moving it to more robust and secure Email services. It might save you a lot of grief in the long run.