The WeatherBug App

I live in a part of the country where it is advisable to keep an eye on the weather. I have my own weather station as well, but I like to monitor weather forecasts. Not only for emergencies, but to determine what my outdoor activities might be. There are lots of Weather Apps on the Mac, I have used several different ones over the years. Currently, I am using the neat little WeatherBug App from the Mac App Store. I also use the iOS version. To get rid of the iOS Ads, you have to pay $2.99. Here is an overview of WeatherBugs features.

WeatherBug Features

WeatherBug installs a Menubar icon which displays the temperature. When you click on the icon, the App opens to this main window:

WeatherBug App

I will be deleting some city information here. I numbered the main window so I can show you the features of the App.

1. This is your main weather display. If you click on this, you are taken to the WeatherBug website. WeatherBug wants you to make an account. I think this is so they can send you weather alerts.

2. If you click on the Map, you are taken to a larger map of your area in your web browser. I am not sure what mapping service WeatherBug uses, but it is a very detailed map.

3. If you click on the little down arrow you are taken into your Favorite Locations:

Favorite Locations

You can enter a city in the “Add a new location” box and it will be added to your Cities List above. If you would like to remove some locations, click on the “Edit” button and you will see this screen:

Edit Locations

When you click on the Minus Icon, the city is removed. I really don’t need to know the weather in London or Tokyo so I will be removing those cities.

4. There are a few Preferences in the WeatherBug App which mostly involve how you want your weather displayed:

WeatherBug Preferences

There really is not much to the App. It does work very nicely. You can access a bunch more weather information on the WeatherBug website. If you are into the weather, you will find pretty much everything you need at their website.


There are other good weather apps on Mac and iOS. WeatherBug is one of the better ones. The Mac version is free, the iOS version is $2.99. It is not going to break the bank.