Turn Off Messages On The Mac

This may be difficult to believe, but some people find the Messages App and all it entails as distracting. It just interrupts their normal Mac workflow way too much. So, they turn off the Messages App on the Mac. This does not deactivate Messages on your iOS or iPadOS devices. If the Messages App on your Mac just gets in your way, then this is how to deactivate it.

Disable Messages

You disable the Messages App in the Preferences area:

Once in the Preferences area you need to click into the iMessage Tab:

Now all you have to do is click on the “Enable this account” box to turn it off:

The Messages App is now disabled and will not bother you on your Mac:

Keep in mind, if and when you wish to activate Messages once again, just go into Preferences and click on the “Enable this account” box and away you go.


This is a pretty simple procedure, but if you are thinking about deactivating Messages on your Mac, this is how it is done. Personally, I love Messages although I am not inundated with tons of Messages like some people.