Activate Wi-Fi Calling In iOS

The ability to make phone calls over Wi-Fi from your iPhone has been available for a while now. I think Wi-Fi calling is helpful for people that make calls from inside a building like their home and that do not have great Cell reception. I don’t really need to use Wi-Fi calling at my home, but I have it turned on just in case. If you were thinking about using Wi-Fi calling, and need to activate it, then read on.

Wi-Fi Calling

To activate Wi-Fi calling in iOS go into Settings and Tap on “Cellular”:

Settings Cellular

Once in this area Tap on “Wi-Fi Calling”:

WiFi Calling

Then toggle Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone to “On”:

WiFi Calling On

You will receive this disclaimer message:


Just Tap “Enable” and you will be taken to a screen requesting your “Emergency 911 Address”:

Emergency Address

You have to fill in this emergency information. If you are calling using Cellular Data the emergency information is automatically provided, but not if you are calling using Wi-Fi. So you have to provide that information for Wi-Fi calling. When you are finished filling in this form, scroll down and Tap on “Continue”:


You will receive this confirmation screen:

Confirmation Screen

When you Tap “OK” you will be on the main screen again and Wi-Fi calling will be activated.

If at any time you wish to check your iPhone to see if Wi-Fi calling is working, just slide down the Control Center from the upper right corner of the screen:

WiFi Symbol

That little icon with the network symbol should be “Green”. If it is not green, but you have setup Wi-Fi calling, you can try to toggling the Airplane Mode button “On” and “Off”. Then toggle the Wi-Fi button “On” and “Off”.


That is all there is to it to activate Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone. It is not a bad idea to just leave it on, I do.