Finder Groups

I have decided to stick with the macOS Finder even for now despite its bugginess. Hopefully, these small Finder problems will be worked out over time. One thing I like in the macOS Finder is Groups. You can Group your Applications, for example, in different ways. You can do the same for your Documents. Instead of having a big long list of stuff, I find using Groups to be helpful at times. Here is how Groups works.

Finder Groups

If you select something like Documents in the Finder and then click on the Groups icon in the Finder Toolbar, you can group your Documents in one of several ways:

Group Categories

I like to Group my Documents by Kind which looks like this:

Group By Kind

I have Folders on Top and then my other Documents are grouped by Kind. Above you see Grouped PDF Documents. If you scroll down in my Finder you see general Documents and Images Categories:

Images Category

Because Documents have so many different names I do not Group them alphabetically. It is easier to find stuff if I Group them by the Kind Category.

Now, here is the Applications Folder Grouped by Application Category:

Applications Grouped

You can see how the Finder Groups the Apps. I do not like this method because I don’t always understand how the Finder Groups certain Apps so I have difficulty finding what I want. I usually Group my Apps alphabetically, they are much easier to find. However, once in a while I will be looking for a certain type of App that I know I have, but cannot remember the name. So, I Group them by Category and I can usually find what I need. Most of the time, however, I leave them alphabetical.


Using Finder Groups can be helpful. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them, you can always set it back to where you had it if you are not satisfied with your changes.