iOS Bug Preventing Opening Some Apps

Some people running iOS 13.4.1 through 13.5 are experiencing problems opening some Apps. Sometimes the App just starts to open then quits and sometimes they get this error messages, “This App Is No Longer Shared”. This has happened to me with a couple of Apps. It is very annoying, especially if you really need to use that App. Until Apple provides some type of fix, there is a procedure you can use which can fix this issue, sometimes. Here is how you do that.

Offloading Apps

The fix for this App crash issue is Deleting and Reinstalling the App. However, there is an easier way to do this which does not Delete your Data for that App. That would be “Offloading” the App instead. To Offload an App Tap on “General” in the Settings area:

General Setting

Once in this area Tap on “iPhone Storage”:

iPhone Storage

Next, scroll down and tap on the problem App. In this case I am going to use “Amazon Alexa”:

App Selection

Now you will be in the “Offload App” area. If Offloading is not enabled, you will have to Enable it first. All you have to do is Tap on “Offload App”:

Offload App

It says it will remove the App, but retain the Apps data. When you Tap on Offload App you will get this warning message:

Finish Offload

When the App is finished offloading, it will return to a “Reinstall” screen:

Reinstall App

It tells you it will reinstall the App along with its data. I guess this is kind of like giving the App a fresh start. You can see when the App is reinstalled its data is reinstalled also:

Data Reinstall

Here is the deal with all this. My experience is this procedure fixes the launch issue sometimes, but not always. Your experiences may vary on all this. 


Until Apple fixes this problem, this procedure is worth a try. As long as it saves your data you don’t have much to lose to try it.