iOS iCloud Backup

If you have been around this blog for a while you know I harp on having good backups. When it comes to iOS backups, I think we may be a little deficient. At least I know that I am not doing well in that area. You can backup your iOS device to your Mac, but as far as I am concerned it is much easier to setup iCloud backups. It is kind of a set it and forget it feature. This may be a bit of review for some of you, but I want to make sure you at least have an iCloud backup setup in your iOS device.

iCloud Backup

If you prefer to use iCloud Backup over WiFi on your iOS device, then you need to make sure it is activated. Go into Settings and Tap on your Apple ID:

Apple ID

Once you are in this area Tap on the iCloud area:


Now in this area scroll down and Tap on iCloud Backup:

iCloud Backup

Once you are in this area make sure iCloud Backup is activated if it is not:

iCloud Backup Activated

While you are in there it is not a bad idea to Tap on “Back Up Now” and manually backup your iOS device:

Backing Up

iOS will tell you if it has not been backed up for a while which is a nice feature. If you activate the iCloud Backup feature, your iOS device should be backed up automatically, but it does not hurt to go in there occasionally and make sure it is backed up.


We are getting pretty diligent about backing up our Macs. But, I think we could use some improvement in backing up our iOS devices. We have important stuff in there so it is important to back it up.