iPadOS Hidden Keyboard Commands

The iPadOS is a very robust operating system. Apple is improving and making it more powerful with every upgrade. If you use a keyboard with your iPad, there are some very handy hidden Keyboard Commands that you might find useful. There are Keyboard Commands that are App specific like in Safari, but I wanted to show you a few generic Keyboard Commands that work almost anywhere in the iPadOS.

iPadOS Keyboard Commands

If you have your iPad attached to a keyboard, then just try holding down the Command Key ⌘ for a few seconds. You will see this menu popup on your screen:

iPadOS Menu

You may like to try out using some Keyboard Commands instead of swiping around on the screen. I made a short video using the Keyboard Commands you see in that image. Here is the progression of the video:

  1. Hold Command Key ⌘ down to produce the menu
  2. Hold Command Key ⌘ and Space to get Search Window (report to remove Search Window)
  3. Hold Command Key ⌘ and Tab Key→ to scroll through open applications. I then selected Safari
  4. Hold Command ⌘ and  Option ⌥ and “D” Keys to show the Dock while in Safari
  5. Hold Command ⌘ “H” to return to the Home Screen.

My iPad is attached to the original Apple iPad Keyboard and running the latest iPadOS. Here is the video:

I guess this is no big deal, but sometimes I like to use keyboard commands instead of swiping around on the screen. Of course, if you have a newer iPad Pro you can use the new iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad.


I hope you find some or all of the hidden Keyboard Commands helpful. I am sure I will be using some of them going forward.