macOS Finder Behavior

I was still having so many problems with the macOS Finder in Catalina 10.15.4 I did a desperation move. I installed the Catalina 10.15.5 Beta 2 update! That is risky on an everyday production Mac, but I could not handle the Finder not working half the time. Well, some of the problems are fixed in the 10.15.5 Beta and some are not yet fixed. One of the issues with the Finder that bugs me is the way the Finder opens to this small Window every time you open it. Come to find out this is a feature! Here is how I get around this.

Finder Window

So, you open the Finder on your Mac and it appears in this small window like so:

2020 04 27 13 24 35

It is not even big enough to contain the “Search Box” in the upper right corner of the window. Now you can stretch this out to a size that is workable for you, but when you close the Finder using the “Red” button and open the Finder again it Defaults to this almost unusable tiny window! This drives me crazy! It used to be that when you set up a Finder window a certain way and clicked the “Red” button to close the window, it opened to that particular configuration time after time. But, Apple thought they would make it “better” for us by having the Finder Window open in a small format. Maybe that was supposed to help Laptop users.

So, here is what I do to get around this “feature”. I open the Finder and setup the Window just the way I like it. Then, instead of clicking the “Red” close button, I click the “Yellow” minimize button. When I open the Finder once again, the window is just like I set it up. Here is my Finder the way it should be:

2020 04 27 13 25 11

I can tell you one thing. The wonkiness of the Catalina Finder is making me consider going back to the Path Finder App again. I really do like the Stacks and Quick Actions features in the new Mac Finder, but if it has to be at the expense of basic, reliable functionality, then I will have to dump it for now.


The Mac Finder has made great strides in usability in recent years, but it seems to have lost ground in reliability.