Make iPhone Alarms Louder

Even though I work from a home office I still use my iPhone Alarm for things. With all that is going on around me, I have discovered that I don’t hear it sometimes. If you miss some Alarms because you don’t hear them, then you need to set your Alarm louder. Of course, you can tone down Alarms that are too loud as well. This is a simple procedure, here is how that is done in iOS.

iPhone Alarm

You adjust your iPhone Alarm louder or turn the volume down in the Settings Sounds & Haptics area:

Sounds & Haptics

When you Tap on Sounds & Haptics you will see this screen with the Ringer and Alerts Slider:

Ringer & Alerts

Adjust the Slider up or down. When you do so, the phone plays an alert demonstrating the new setting. And, that is all there is to it.


You don’t have to put up with weak sounding Alarms or Alarms that are too loud. You can adjust them to any volume you like.