View & Delete iPhone Call History

If you get a lot of Spam calls on your iPhone or even if you don’t, it is not a bad idea to View and/or Delete your call history. This is accomplished in the Phone App, it is pretty easy to do. You can Delete your call history all at once or one call at a time. Here is how that is done.

Delete Call History

You start by tapping on the Phone App wherever that is located on your iPhone:

Once you are in this area you should see a call history list called “Recents”:

To Delete All or any part of your call history, just tap on “Edit” in the upper right corner of your screen:

If you tap on “All”, it will show all of your call history. If you wish to Delete all of your call history, just tap on “Clear” and you will get this message:

When you tap on “Clear All Recents”, the call history is gone:

You can also scroll through your list and selectively Delete individual calls by clicking on the red delete button.


Cleaning out your call history on your iPhone is not a bad idea. It is easy to do, it just takes a few minutes in the Phone App.