Apple Keynote Updates

I just finished the Apple Keynote. It was recorded, there were no Developers present. It was quite well done, check it out if you have time. I cannot begin to go into the iOS, iPadOS, Watch OS, and macOS “Big Sur” updates. They are huge and very sophisticated. The updates in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will be phenomenal and the update to macOS Big Sur is going to be excellent. However, the biggest announcement in my opinion was Apple is moving their Mac to ARM processors, the same kind of processors used in the iDevices. The whole Apple ecosystem will become more seamless. And, these processors will make Macs much faster. The transition will begin with iMacs and take several years. Apple is using Rosetta 2 (remember Rosetta, PowerPC to Intel transition) for Developers to make the transition with their Apps. The ARM chips transition is a big deal, we will see how it plays out.