Clearing iOS & iPadOS Safari Cache

Most Mac people do a pretty good job maintaining their Mac computers. That includes clearing out the Cache files in the Safari web browser because it is having problems or just on general principles. However, we don’t do a whole lot of maintenance on our iPhones and iPads. One major step in the right direction maintaining our iPhones and iPads is to do some cleanup in the Safari web browser occasionally. There are several ways to cleanup Safari, one of them is to Clear Cache like you would on the Mac version. Here is how you do that.

Safari Cache

Safari keeps a running list of your online activities which it stores in a Cache file on your device. One way to give Safari a tuneup and also recoup a little space on your iPhone or iPad is to Clear Cache files. To Clear Cache files you start in the Bookmarks area:


Once you are in the Bookmarks area tap on the Clock icon at the top of the window:

Clock Symbol

You are now in your History area. Just Tap on the Clear button bottom right in the window:

Clear Button

Now, you can choose different clearing options, but if you want to just Clear Cache completely, choose “All Time”:

All Time

When you do that, you will be taken to this screen which displays a deleted Cache:

Cache Screen

When you are finished, Tap on “Done” and you are taken back into the Safari browsing window. By the way, it is pretty much the same process in iPadOS. The buttons are located in different spots, but you click on the same icons to go through the process.


You don’t need to Clear Cache every week, but it is not a bad idea to do it every few months to keep your iOS & iPadOS Safari browser lean and mean.