Clearing Safari’s Downloads List

If you are using the Safari web browser for your web needs, then you probably Download lots of files to your Mac. Safari keeps a Downloads List of items you have downloaded during the day. It can be handy if you need to re-download something or to monitor a download, but it can get kind of cluttered as well. There are settings in Safari for managing the Downloads List. You can set it up pretty much any way that works for you. Here is how you do that.

Downloads List

The Downloads List is viewed by clicking on the Download icon in the upper right corner of the Safari Toolbar:

Downloads List

You can remove your Downloads manually by clicking the “Clear” button. However, there are settings for the Downloads List that allow you to “set it and forget it”. To access these settings, go into the “Safari Preferences” area:

Safari Preferences

Click on the “General Tab” and look at “Remove download list items”:

Remove Downloads

If you click on the drop down, you have choices for when your Downloads are removed. The Default setting is “After one day”:

After One Day

But, you can choose to remove Downloads in other ways that suit your workflow.

I wanted to make one more observation here. If you are in the Download List window in the Safari Toolbar, you can get to the location of the downloaded file on your Mac by clicking the small Magnifying Glass symbol next to the name.


Interacting with your Downloads List in Safari is not really necessary because you can “set it and forget it”. However, if you wish to do so, you can.