Delete Safari History On iPhone and iPad

In keeping with my previous article on clearing the caches in iOS and iPadOS Safari, I thought I should complete the cleanup by Deleting the Safari History. The “History” in a web browser is the browsing history, where you have been on the web. You may not wish to do this because you want to retain certain browsing information, but it really is not a bad idea to start Safari with a clean browsing slate once in a while. Plus you can capture a little space on your iDevice in the process. Here is how to Delete Safari’s browsing history in iOS & iPadOS.

Safari History Delete

You do not Delete the browsing History in the Safari App like you do with Cache files. You Delete the History in the Settings area:


When in Settings, scroll down and Tap on the “Safari” setting:

Safari Setting

Then Tap on “Clear History and Website Data”:

Clear History

Now be sure and read the warnings! If you still wish to clear the history, then Tap on the “Clear History and Data”:

Clear History and Data

iOS takes you back to the previous screen:

History Cleared

The “Clear History and Website Data” is grayed out indicating the history is now gone. The procedure for doing this on the iPadOS is the same as iOS.


Clearing the iOS and iPadOS Safari History is easy to do. It might be a good idea on occasion.