Forgetting Mac WiFi Networks

If you have a Mac laptop and use it anywhere outside your home, you probably have logged into several different WiFi networks over time. These WiFi network logins accumulate in the Network Preference Pane. It is not a bad idea to go through this area once in a while and Delete any WiFi network logins that you know you will not need any longer. Here is how you do that.

WiFi Network Logins

You access the WiFi network logins in the Network System Preference Pane:

WiFi Pref Pane

Once in this window click on the Advanced button:

WiFi Tab

There are several Tabs running across the top of the window. Make sure you select the “WiFi” Tab which produces a list of the previously connected WiFi networks. To remove a WiFi network from this list, click on it to select it:

WiFi List

Then click on the “Minus” symbol to Delete it. You will get this warning message:

Warning Message

Just click “Remove” and the network listing is gone. Once you have removed all the networks you desire, then click on the “OK” button to be taken back to the main Network Pref Pane window. To make these changes take effect, you have to click on the “Apply” button in the main window. You are then good to go.


It is not a bad idea to clean out old, no longer used WiFi networks. It helps make things less confusing and cleans up your Mac a bit.