macOS Big Sur 11.0 Beta

It surprised me that Apple has released a Developer Beta of macOS 11.0 Big Sur. Of course, I had to install it on my External Developer drive. The actual update was about double (9.5 GB) what a usual macOS update is. Maybe that is because it installs stuff for Intel and ARM Macs. It took quite a while to install with several Restarts. Here is what the install looked like.

Big Sur Install

This is the beginning screen:

Install One

When you click continue you get this window after files are downloaded:

Insall Two

As I said, it takes quite a while to install. When it is finished you are booted into the Desktop:

About Window

As you can see, Apple has moved away from the 10 versions of macOS and is starting with 11.0 with Big Sur.

I have been playing around inside Big Sur a little after the installation. It is much different than previous Mac operating systems. It has a more iOS look and feel. It will definitely take some getting used to, but it is growing on me. I will be posting articles on some of Big Surs new features and look from time to time.


I think Big Sur is going to be a really good operating system, especially if Apple has fixed some of Catalinas problems. I am a little concerned about how long Apple will support Intel Macs though. My iMac is about 1 year old. I was not planning on buying a new Mac for quite a while.