macOS Big Sur Startup Chime

Us longtime Mac users are willing to embrace change, but not THAT much change. When Apple removed the Startup Chime from the macOS in 2016, many of us were decimated! How dare they do that! After all, we use Macs and the Startup Chime screams Mac! Well, there is good news. Apple has reinstated the Startup Chime in macOS Big Sur! Yippee! You have the capability to turn it on or leave it off. Here is how you do that.

Big Sur Startup Chime

As you might imagine you control the Startup Chime in the “Sound Preference Pane”:

Sound Preferences

Once in the Sound area, just look right below the “Alert Volume”:

Startup Sound Setting

You will see “Play sound on startup”. If you check that box, you will have a Startup Chime once again:

Startup Chime

I tested this with a Restart in Big Sur, it works like a champ. As far as Big Sur OS goes, so far so good.


There are all kinds of things I will be bringing your way about the new Big Sur OS for Mac over the next few months. But, suffice it to say, first things first. If you are an old time Mac user, your life is not complete without a Startup Chime.