macOS Big Sur’s Icons

I am beginning to use the new macOS Big Sur Beta in my external Developer installation. It certainly has a lot of changes, a different look and feel than previous versions of the macOS. I guess I would say Big Sur has a little of an iOS look to it, but still distinctive to the Mac. That probably sounds a little weird, but you will see when you start using it. This is only Beta 1 of the Big Sur install, so things might change, but I wanted to show you what the icons look like.

Big Sur Icons

The icons in Big Sur for Apps and other processes look similar to their older versions, but they seem to be a little more 3D in appearance. Here are some examples from the “Applications Folder”. This is “Automator”:

Automator App

It definitely has a new icon. Besides being new, it is a little more 3D looking. Here is the “Preview App”:

Preview App

That definitely is a new icon for the Preview App. I really like it. Here is the icon for the new “App Store”:

App Store

The App Store icon is designed the same, but made to be more three dimensional. Here is System Preferences:

System Preferences

Some of these icons are the same, some are completely redone and others are just beefed up a little. Finally, here is a section of my “Dock”:

Dock Icons

Notice the icons for Apple’s builtin Apps have rounded corners. I am sure third party developers will match that look with their Apps in the near future.


There are lots of other things that have a different look in macOS Big Sur. I will mention them from time to time as I go along. There is nothing keeping the Apple Engineers from re-designing other icons before the final release. We will just have to wait and see.