Save Credit Card Info In iOS & iPadOS Safari

Do you buy things online with your iPhone or iPad like I do? And, do you get tired of entering credit card information by hand? Then, the solution is to enter a credit card into the Safari AutoFill area in Settings. It is pretty easy to do this either manually or using the built in iDevice camera. Here is how that is done.

Credit Card Info

To enter a Credit Card to your Safari AutoFill area you have to Tap on “Safari” in the Settings area:

Safari Setting

Once in this area Tap on “AutoFill”:


Make sure the Credit Cards slider is toggled to green (on) and then Tap on “Saved Credit Cards”:

Saved Credit Cards

In the next window Tap on “Add Credit Card”:

Add Credit Card

Here you can add a Credit Card manually or use the Camera. If you use the Camera it takes a picture of your card after you position it in the frame:

Camera Card

The card information is listed in the window (erased for reasons of privacy here):

Card In Window

When you Tap “Done”, your new card is listed in the next window:

Cards Addes


Adding a credit card to Safari is pretty easy. It will definitely save you some aggravation the next time you buy something online using an iPhone or iPad.