Setting Up A Favorite Folder

While you are working on your Mac you usually end up doing a lot of mousing around on the Desktop and into the Finder file system. I primarily interact with two or three folders during the day in my typical workflow. I am sure many of you work the same way. I have found that setting up these folders for easy access saves me time and frustration. There are different ways to do this, here are a few of them.

Folders In The Dock

One way to have your most used folders at your fingertips is to put them on the Dock. You just click on the folder in question in the Finder:

and drag it to the right side of the Dock:

Then you can setup the folder as a List, Fan or another way to display.

Folders In The Finder

Another really helpful way to Display your important folders is to drag them into the Finder Sidebar:

If you are working inside the Finder, the folder is right there for easy access. You can drag items into it as well.

Another advantage of having a folder in the Finder Sidebar is the folder is accessible from “Open” and “Save” dialogs in the macOS. Here is the Save Dialog window:

Just click on the folder in the Sidebar and save your document into it. The folder will also appear in the Open dialog:

There is one other way to make your important folder available in the Finder. You can drag it into the “Finder Toolbar” for quick access:

To set this up, hold down the Command ⌘ Key and drag the folder into the Finder Toolbar wherever you want it.

There are other ways to setup access to folders. You can place an Alias of the folder on your Desktop. I prefer not to clutter up my Desktop, but perhaps if it is for the duration of a specific project then it might be doable. You can also use third party Apps that list folders and applications. I have a couple of my most used folders in the Pmenu drop down menu:1

I am sure there are many other third party Apps that have this capability.


It is really easy to setup access to your favorite folders on the Mac. It saves time and frustration and is just plain efficient.

  1. Pmenu is really cool and only costs $4.99 in the Mac App Store.