Turn Off In-App Purchases In iOS

Apple has finally implemented In-App purchases in iOS which makes it really convenient to upgrade your Apps without going through a bunch of hoopla. However, sometimes it is a little too convenient to purchase or upgrade an App if you have kids buying and using Apps on their iPhones. For some of you it may “convenient” just to turn off In-App purchases in iOS on that device, here is how you do that.

Screen Time

The best way to deactivate In-App purchases in iOS is in the “Screen Time Setting”:

Then scroll down and Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions”:

Then Tap on iTunes & App Store Purchases:

Then Tap on In-App Purchases:

All you have to do here is toggle this setting to Don’t Allow:

You are all set to go after this is turned off. Now, you can turn it back on if you need to, you just have to go into the same area and toggle “Allow”.


If you are having problems with your kids inadvertently buying Apps on their iPhone, then you might need to shut off this setting. It is nice if you don’t need to do this, but on occasion it might be necessary.