Using Drop Caps In Pages

Each iteration of the macOS Pages App gets more sophisticated with added features. The most recent release of Pages includes a Drop Cap feature. In case you don’t know, a Drop Cap is:

Drop caps are large capital letters that are used to add style and emphasis to a piece of writing. They are commonly found at the beginning of a newspaper or magazine article, or a new chapter in a book.

I think Drop Caps look cool in certain types of writing like advertising or in online articles. They would not fit in a business letter or more formal writing. Here is how you use Drop Caps in Pages.

Drop Caps

As I stated, I think Drop Caps are a nice effect in certain types of documents. Here is a test document in Pages:

Drop Caps

You have to place your cursor next to the first letter in your beginning sentence. When you do that, just check the Drop Cap box to the bottom right of the window:

Select Drop Cap

The Drop Cap is created in the document and Pages shows some adjustments you can make to that Drop Cap. You can choose other Drop Cap Styles by clicking on the Drop Cap sample icon:

Drop Cap Sample

You can test out different styles of Drop Caps. If you choose one and don’t like it, then just choose another one.

Now, if you really want to get granular, you can click on the “Options” button and make finer adjustments:


You can tweak your Drop Cap to your hearts content.


The Pages Drop Cap feature can be used with effect in certain types of documents. To be quite honest, the Pages App is robust enough for many Mac users, either as a Word Processor or a Page Layout App.