Big Sur Safari Security Tracker

macOS Big Sur has lots of new features. Several of those new features are in the Safari web browser. The “Web Page Security Tracker” is one of those features. If you thought all the online security measures Apple implements in the macOS and Safari were overkill, you may want to rethink that once you see what the Security Tracker does.

Security Tracker

As far as Safari Security goes, it all starts in the Preferences area. If you click on the “Privacy Tab” you will see this window:

Checking the box, “Prevent cross-site tracking” prevents websites you are visiting to provide your information to other websites. Here are some examples of what that looks like.

You access the Security Tracker by clicking on that little Shield Icon in the menubar. The Tracker will display how many trackers attempted to track you on this particular website. As you can see, the Macessence site has none. As far as I can tell, most trackers involve some type of advertising on the site.

Here is another example of a website with lots of trackers:

There were 22 trackers on this particular site. The trackers are listed in the bottom of the dropdown window. You can click the down arrow and view the specific trackers. I did that once, but many of them did not make sense to me. Here is another website:

This site has quite a few trackers as well. It appears that Safari is preventing quite a bit of website cross-tracking which is good.

Here is one site that did concern me a bit:

Having trackers on my banking website is a bit concerning, but I guess that is just how things are done these days.


The Safari web browser keeps getting better. The Big Sur version of Safari is faster and more secure.