Checking Battery Percentage In iOS

On the newer iPhones running the newest version of iOS, your Battery Percentage Indicator is missing from your Home Screen. On an iPhone 11 or XR you have to go into the Control Center to check your Battery Percentage. However, there is another way to check your Battery. There is a little setup involved, but when finished it makes checking your Battery Percentage really easy.

Battery Widget

A really easy way to access your Battery Percentage on an iPhone 11 and XR1 is to create a Battery Widget on your Widget page. Here is how you do that. Swipe right from your Home Screen to enter your Widget Shortcuts area:

Scroll down to the bottom of the window and Tap the “Edit” button. You will see this screen:

If you Tap the “plus” symbol next to Batteries, the Battery Widget will be added to your active Widgets above:

Now, when you click “Done”, you will see the Battery Percentage Widget in your Widget area:

While we are on the subject, you can remove or add any of the Widgets you find in the Edit area any time you wish so don’t be afraid to play around with it.


Now when I want to check my battery percentage, I just swipe right on my iPhone Home Screen and it is right there.

  1. And probably all future iPhones