Freeing Up iCloud Space

I think most of you are iCloud users at some level, even if it is the free version. I have used iCloud for years, it has improved tremendously over that time. I pay for the 2TB storage tier at iCloud. I will probably never run out of space. However, if you are using the free version, or one of the smaller paid versions, it might be helpful to recover some iCloud space. Here is one way of doing that.

iCloud Storage Space

There are different ways to use your iCloud storage space. No matter how much stuff you keep up there, iCloud space is at a premium, especially if you are using a paid level of storage. It could be helpful to take a look at your iCloud account and possibly remove some things that no longer need to be stored up there. Here is one way to do that type of cleanup. 

You start by going into iCloud in your account in “System Preferences”. This use to be out in the open, but in Catalina you have to click on your “Apple ID”:

Apple ID

Once you are in your Apple ID, click on “iCloud” in the sidebar and then on “Manage” in the lower right corner of the window:

iCloud Manage

When in the next window, just click on an App to “Delete” any of its files stored in iCloud:

Delete Files

The macOS asks if you wish to “Delete all files”. If you click on that button, you receive this warning message:

Delete Final

When you click on “Delete”, the files for that App are removed from your iCloud account. 

Of course, you are doing this to free up space on your iCloud account. What type of data would you remove? Maybe you no longer use the App in question and no longer need to store its data. I did that with three or four Apps on my iCloud account. Or, you may still be using the App in question, but just don’t need to store its data in iCloud. When many Apps install, they automatically setup some type of storage in iCloud. Perhaps you never needed to store data from that App in iCloud. There may be a number of reasons for removing an Apps data from iCloud.


If you have tons of storage available on iCloud, then you probably do not need to worry about removing App data off. However, if you have a smaller iCloud account, then removing data off iCloud would free up much needed space.