iPhone Optimized Battery Charging

One of the perpetual complaints about iPhones is battery life. Apple has made great strides in battery life over the years, but there is always room for improvement. One the latest attempts at enhancing iPhone battery life in iOS 13 is called “Optimized Battery Charging”. Just what is this and what does it do? Let me explain how this works and why it is a good idea for most people to use it.

Optimized Battery Charging

What is Optimized Battery Charging? Here is a pretty good explanation of what it is and how it works:

Lithium-ion cells, like those used in your iPhone, degrade when they’re charged to capacity. iOS 13 examines your habits and limits your charge to around 80 percent until the time you usually pick up your phone. At that point, it charges to maximum capacity.

Limiting how long the battery spends at greater than 80 percent capacity should help extend its life. It’s normal for a battery to degrade as more charge and discharge cycles are completed, which is why batteries eventually have to be replaced.

The idea is to extend the life of your iPhone battery by controlling the way it charges. I think Optimized Battery Charging comes turned on by Default in iOS 13. It is not a bad idea to confirm that in the “Settings” area. Go into Settings and Tap on “Battery”:

Battery Setting

When in this area, Tap on “Battery Health”:

Battery Health

In the next screen you can see if Optimized Battery Charging is activated:

Optimized Battery Charging

If it is not on, then just toggle the slider to green. In all fairness, some people do not like this setting preferring to keep their iPhones fully charged at all times. One size does not fit all, but I think Optimized Battery Charging is a good way to go for most people. By the way, there is some other information about your battery health in this area.


Apple is constantly striving to increase the iPhone’s battery life. Optimized Battery Charging looks like a step in the right direction.