Mac Messages App Fonts

I have been using the Messages App for years, I assume you have also. I really like it although there is always room for improvement. There is one problem I have in the Catalina version of Messages and that is the text font of the message occasionally switches to a much smaller size. That is not easy on my eyes. There is a simple fix, of course. Here is how you do it.

Messages Fonts

If you are having this problem of Messages fonts re-sizing on their own, then you can fix it in the “Preferences” area. This is what typically happens to me:

Now, that font size might be fine for some of you, but I need it to be quite a bit larger. I end up going into the General Tab Preferences to fix this issue:

If you click on the text size dropdown, you can choose “Other” to adjust the font size:

Now, all you have to do is scroll through the fonts and select the size that works for you:

I really like the Avenir font:

Once you have your font and size set just close the Preferences window:

When I have the font size set to where I like it, I am usually good for a while. However, I am sure the font will change to much smaller at some point in the future. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed in macOS Big Sur.


Changing the font type and size in the Messages App is not exactly a news flash. I offer this information as a reminder is all.