macOS Big Sur Control Center

I have been exploring the many new features in the soon to be released macOS Big Sur. One of those features is an import of the Control Center from iOS. I use Control Center on my iPhone and iPad quite frequently, I think it will be a welcome addition to the macOS. Let me show you what it looks like and how it works.

Big Sur Control Center

As you might expect, the Control Center resides in the upper right corner of your menubar:

Control Center

You adjust and setup the Control Center in the “Dock & Menu Bar” System Preference Pane:

Dock & Menu Bar

The first thing you see in the Dock & Menu Bar window is the settings for the “Dock & Menu Bar”:

Dock Settings

You can change all your Dock & Menu Bar settings right there. If you look down below that area you will see the various modules available for the Control Center:

Control Center Modules

When you click on a Control Center module, the settings for that module appear in the right column of the window. You can see the outline of the Control Center there and where each module should fit. The initial items in the Control Center list are the Default items. Here is another example of the “Sound” settings in the Control Center:

Sound Module

If you wish to add a module that is not currently shown, you have to scroll down the list and click on “Other Control Center Modules”:


In this case I clicked on “Accessibility Shortcuts”. To get it to appear in the Control Center you have to check the box “Show in Control Center”:

Show Module

When you do that, the module you have activated will show in the Control Center when you drop it down:

Control Center Add

Just a note here, when you click on some of these modules in the Control Center, they pop out controls pertinent to whatever module is selected. You can drill down into these different modules. Some other modules have a single control slider.

The Control Center feature has the potential to be very helpful. I am sure Apple will add other modules before the final release of Big Sur.


I am liking macOS Big Sur. The Control Center feature may be very useful instead of having so many items in your menubar area. It remains to be seen how Big Sur will work with my main workflow Apps. More on that when Big Sur receives a few updates over the next few months.