macOS Big Sur Finder

There are many changes and improvements in the new macOS Big Sur. One of the major differences from previous versions of the macOS is the whole “Transparent” look and feel. It takes some getting used to, but it is growing on me. I wanted to take a look at the Big Sur Finder. Its functionality is the same, but it’s look and feel is way different.

Big Sur Finder

The functionality of the Finder in macOS Big Sur is basically the same as Catalina. Of course, this is a Beta of Big Sur, the final release may add a few features to the Finder. The real difference in the Big Sur Finder is the look and feel, the transparency. Here is a typical Finder window:

The icons for different Favorites (upper sidebar) are the system color you have chosen in System Preferences. The background of the sidebar coincides with whatever your Desktop Background happens to be. In this case, the Finder was over a background that is blue and red/orange.

Here is what “Finder Preferences” looks like:

And, here is the Sidebar Settings in “Finder Preferences”:

Contrast that with how the color changes when I move the Sidebar Settings window over a different portion of the Mac Desktop:

I think you get the picture here. The new transparent look of macOS Big Sur is everywhere. I know some people will not like it, but I do. Anything that adds some color to the drab looking macOS Finder is fine by me.


macOS Big Sur has lots of changes including a totally new transparent look and feel.