macOS Big Sur Transparent Design

The more I work in macOS Big Sur the more I notice its design nuances. One change over previous Mac operating systems is an overall transparent design to OS systems and other Applications. This is not evident in all third party Apps yet, because they have not been updated to Big Sur specs, but it is seen everywhere in Apples Apps in Big Sur including the Finder, Pages and others. Here is what that looks like.

Big Sur Transparency

There is a type of Transparency built into the Big Sur OS. Many of Apple’s Default Apps including the Finder take advantage of it. Here is what the Finder looks like:

Big Sur Finder

The Finder Sidebar background changes with the Desktop background behind it. Here is the “Favorites” section of the Safari web browser:


Some third party Apps already take advantage of this transparency feature. Here is a sample from the Paste Clipboard App:

Paste Clipboard App

And, here is what the Sidebar in the MarsEdit Blogging App looks like in Big Sur:


Finally, here is the Sidebar area of the Ulysses Writing App:


Most of the transparency is in the Sidebar area of these Apps. And, of course, it is evident in the Menu Bar and Dock areas of the operating system as well. 

I am sure most third party App Developers will tap into this transparency capability since it is such an integral part of the Big Sur operating system.


This all is not a great epiphany. I just wanted to show you the new look and feel of transparency in the Big Sur OS.