macOS Display Night Shift

I have been using the “Night Shift” feature on my iDevices because I use them at night to some degree. Just in case you do not know what Night Shift is, “Night Shift automatically shifts the colors of your display to the warmer end of the color spectrum after dark.” This is supposed to help you sleep because the “Blue Light” emanating from a computer can disturb your ability to sleep. Because I have started using my iMac more at night, I have decided to activate the “Night Shift” feature. Here is how that is done.

macOS Night Shift

You access Night Shift in the “System Preferences Displays”:

Once in Displays, just click on the “Night Shift Tab”:

To activate Night Shift you have to click on the “Schedule” drop down:

Most people typically set it for “Sunset to Sunrise”, the hours of darkness basically.

And, that is all there is to it. If you look in the above window you will see an adjustment for “Color Temperature”. You can experiment with “More Warm and Less Warm”. I have left mine at the Default which is a little below half way. It really does make a difference how your Display looks after dark.


It really is not a bad idea to experiment with the Night Shift feature. You can always turn it off if you do not like it.