Sensei Uninstaller

Occasionally, I use the excellent Sensei Utility App by Cindori Software to monitor and troubleshoot my iMac. I have mentioned the new interface and upgrades to the App in a previous article. I am still experimenting with some of Sensei’t features one of which is the “Uninstaller”. Most Mac Utility Apps have some way to uninstall applications. The Sensei Uninstaller is interesting. It seems to be quite thorough. Here is how it works.

Sensei Uninstaller

When you first boot into the Sensei App you are taken to the main “Dashboard” page:

Sensei Main Window

The Sensei features are all listed in the left sidebar. Click on “Uninstaller” and you are taken to this window:

Scan For Applications

When you click on “Scan for Applications”, the App scans your machine for any and all Applications. This can take a few seconds, but it produces a window similar to this one:

Application Delete List

Scroll down the list to locate the App you wish to uninstall. When you check the box for that Application and then click on the App, it shows everything that is going to be Deleted in the right column. A small window pops up showing the size of the deletion. When you click on the “Delete” button, you get this warning:

Delete Warning

When you click on “Delete”, the program tells you it has deleted the items in question.


There are many Utility Apps for the Mac. Sensei by Cindori Software is a good one. The interface is top notch. It’s features all seem to work great, I recommend it if you are in the market for a Utility App. You can buy a 1 year license for $29 or a lifetime license for $59. If it is going to be your Go-To Mac Utility, it is worth the price.