Spark Email Notifications

I really like using the Spark Email App. It is helpful that there are versions for all my Apple devices. Spark is supported quite well, but I do have issues occasionally. Recently, I had a problem with Email Notification Badges. When Spark receives Emails, there is supposed to be a little red Email count indicator in the Spark Dock icon. That indicator was not functioning. Here is what I did to fix it.

Notification Badges

At first, I sent a support Email to Spark. They got back to me in the same day with several suggestions, many of which had to do with my Settings. The Notifications Settings are in the Preferences Notifications Tab:

Once in Notifications you can setup the Badges as you wish:

I set it up to register for all accounts, but only for New Emails. With these settings, Spark would not show an Email count on the App in the Dock. This is important to me because I don’t want to guess if I have any Emails. I want to know what is waiting for me in my “Unified Inbox”.

Before I pursued any of the suggestions from the Spark people, I used a tried and true troubleshooting routine from Apple. I booted my Mac into “Safe Boot” mode which clears lots of cache files. To get into Safe Boot mode you Restart holding down the Shift ⇧ Key until you see the progress bar start on your screen. The computer will stop at the Safe Boot window for you to login. After logging in, then do a normal Restart and the cache files are cleared. For whatever reason, this Safe Boot procedure fixed my Spark App Badge Issue. I don’t know why, but as long as it works I am a happy camper.


If you are having problems with this Badge issue in Spark, or having problems with other Email Apps, don’t hesitate to try a Safe Boot. It definitely will not hurt anything.