Activate AirDrop In iOS

I do not use AirDrop on the Mac or in iOS as much as some people, but when I need to it is really handy. However, before you can use AirDrop on your iPhone you need to make sure it is activated. Activating AirDrop is easy, here is how it is done.

AirDrop Activation

You activate AirDrop in iOS by swiping down from the upper right corner of your screen to access “Control Center”:

Once in Control Center do a long press on the “Network” icon:

On the next screen, just Tap on the “AirDrop” icon:

To activate AirDrop on your iPhone you must either choose “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”:

I prefer to use “Contacts Only” to keep the riff raft out:

Now when you use the “Share Menu” in an Application in iOS:

you have AirDrop as an alternative:

Just Tap on the AirDrop icon and select the device to send your information:

Once your item is sent, Air Drop lets you know:

That is all there is to activating AirDrop on your iOS device, the same applies to iPadOS.


If you do not wish to use AirDrop for security reasons, then don’t activate it. However, it is quite handy sometimes especially if you limit it to Contacts Only.