Big Sur Disable Wallpaper Tinting

Yesterday I mentioned I did not think there were any new developments in the macOS Big Sur Beta 4. After further consideration, I discovered two new features. One new feature is the ability to play 4K YouTube video in Safari. The other new feature is the ability to disable Wallpaper Tinting in System Preferences. I have mentioned in previous articles the new transparent look of Big Sur. App windows take on the appearance of the Desktop behind them. I like this feature, but to be honest, disabling the Tinting makes the windows easier for me to see and the text easier to read. Here is how the new Disable Tinting feature works in Big Sur.

Wallpaper Tinting

I think macOS Big Sur installs with Wallpaper Tinting turned on by default. That displays the new look and feel of Big Sur. In the latest Beta update, Apple has included a setting to disable Wallpaper Tinting. To do that you go into the “General Tab” of System Preferences:

Once in the General Tab you will see an “Allow wallpaper tinting in windows” setting:

You can see that Tinting is set to “ON” and the window displays a tint from the Desktop wallpaper behind it. If you are using Dark Mode and you uncheck this box, the tinting is removed:1

The tinting is gone and the window displays in typical Dark Mode fashion.

I suppose this is all about personal taste. The Window Tinting is kind of cool, but with my eyesight I prefer to leave it off while using Dark Mode. I can definitely read text better with tinting off. For me, the coolness factor of tinting gives way to practicality, getting things done.


When you upgrade to macOS Big Sur be sure to try working with and without Window Tinting. It is nice to have a choice.

  1. You have to be in Dark Mode for this to work.