Big Sur Printing

In the age of Digital Workflows, people still print things. One of the things I wanted to check after installing macOS Big Sur was printing. My wife and I still print quite a few documents in our daily work. When I checked printing in my Big Sur Beta 4 installation, I was pleasantly surprised.

Big Sur Printing

You check the printing setup in Big Sur in the “Printers & Scanners Preference Pane”:

I only have one printer attached to my iMac. Apparently, when I installed Big Sur it detected and setup this printer automatically. I did nothing to set up this printer on my own, it was just there. macOS Big Sur is a smart operating system.

I decided to print a couple of documents. Here is the Big Sur print dialog for my Brother Color Laser:

The print window is a little different from the Catalina print window. I think it is a little easier to use, a little more user-friendly.

Suffice it to say, the documents I printed worked just fine. I do not believe I will have any problems printing in macOS Big Sur.


You all use different printers so YMMV when it comes to Big Sur setup. I think any major brand printer with current drivers should set up fine.