CleanMyMac App Unistall Assist

Occasionally, I actually delete an App on my Mac. I usually just drag it to the Trash. My Mac has always been set-up to open a third-party App to do a complete removal of the App in the Trash. For a while I used this feature in the excellent Hazel App. Now I am using the Uninstaller feature in the CleanMyMac utility. It is very thorough. Here is how it works.

CleanMyMac Settings

Here is the main CMM window:

To use the uninstaller feature in CMM you have to activate it in the “Menu Tab” in “Preferences”:

You have to check the box, “Offer to correctly uninstall applications” to activate this feature. Once that is setup, here is what happens when you drag an App to your Trash.

CleanMyMac Uninstaller

When you drag an App to the Trash on your Mac, you get this message from CMM:

You can see from this drop down window, CMM is looking to remove leftovers which are various Preference Files that are originally installed with the App.

When you click on “Open CleanMyMac” it goes to this window:

Click on Uninstall and CMM removes the App and its leftover files:

When CMM is finished removing your App it provides this complete message.

If you have never used a third-party App to uninstall your applications, I highly recommend trying one out. The uninstall feature is usually one feature among many in some Mac utility App or it can be a dedicated uninstall App like AppZapper.


When you remove an App on your Mac it is important to delete it correctly. CleanMyMac and other Apps can do this correctly and thoroughly.