Close Safari iPhone & iPad Tabs Automatically

Typically, what I end up doing on my iPad is opening several Safari Tabs during an evening. Over a period of days I have several tabs open that I no longer need. In an attempt to maintain some type of order, I close these tabs manually. However, there is an easier way to deal with tab overload on the iPhone and iPad.

Tab Automatic Close

You can set Safari Tabs to close automatically on your iPhone or iPad. To set that up go into “Settings”, scroll down and Tap on Safari:

Then, scroll down to the “Tabs Section” and Tap on the “Close Tabs” setting:

When you are in this area, you will see the “Close Tab” choices. Currently, mine is set to Manually:

All you have to do is Tap on whatever settings works for you. In my case, I chose “After One Day”:

You are all set. Safari will close tabs according to your choices.

Recently Closed Tabs

If a Tab is closed that you still need, you can access it in the Safari window. In the top right corner of the Safari window you will see the “Add Tab Plus” symbol:

To access “Recently Closed Tabs”, press and hold on the Plus symbol:

When you press and hold on the Plus symbol it drops a list of “Recently Closed Tabs”.


Sometimes the Safari browser can become cluttered with tabs. It is efficient to set up automatic close parameters.